Saturday, 3 August 2013

An Update

Hello Everybody!

Sorry about the lack of posts recently (or should I say for the past few months aha) I have just been dabbling away doing bits and bobs and time has just flown by! And before I know it we are in August, I don't even know what I have done with my Summer.... 

On the plus side, I am going to V FESTIVAL :D yayyyy! I recently bought my sleeping bag,wellies and raincoat so bring on the rain and whatever a festival has to offer. I cannot wait to finally see Beyonce at my first ever festival too! I am just in love with her.. there we go I've said it.

Since my last post on the 21st January...I told you time has flown by, I have finally found a new job at a pub which I absolutely love, I feel like I have a little family there, everyone is so lovely and I am working with my best friend Emily Dodman. Get ready for the plug now, she also has a blog so if you have any spare time please feel free to check it out it's it is really good :) 

Surprisingly I did well in my Uni exams and managed to get a 1st :D I don't have a clue how I managed that I call it a fluke but I am not complaining. 

Things coming up...

I am finally going abroad after 4 very long years, I am off to sunny Spain for 3 weeks so I should hopefully get a tan before I go back to Uni. I am very excited because I am visiting a part of Spain where my grandparents used to live so it will be like a big reunion with everyone that I met many moons ago! Plus it is an amazing excuse to carry on my shopping addiction :D 

You have reached the end! Well Done :D but honestly thank you for reading an update on my life and if you have any suggestions for future posts please comment below and I will happily take them on board :)

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