Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Having a field day...

Sometimes there is nothing better than going for a stroll across the fields on a beautiful summers day, especially here in England where the weather can change in a matter of minutes.

As us Brits are well known for whining about the weather, when the sun is out and the temperature reaches double figures you have to make the most of it! For some people once it reaches our heatwave temperatures of 10degrees... yes that's right it's a valid reason to whip out the shorts and show off the pastey white pins haha :)

On Monday 23rd June we actually exceeded typical temperatures so I decided that I wanted to go out and relaxed in a field with some magazines and a homemade pack lunch. Which is exactly what I did...

Having a few hours alone time in a field without a care in the world and being away from all technology and life stresses often is a great way to wind down and just do things without anyone pestering to complete tasks whether that may consist of parents miethering to do the dishes or your job ringing up to ask if you can cover a member of staff.

I feel that people don't appreciate the finer things in life which is in front of our doorsteps because they are too busy flicking through Facebook and commenting on pointless status' or they are too lazy to step outside and go for a simple walk because it sounds boring.

It's a shame really, I mean I'm not saying I don't flick through Facebook or spend hours on Youtube watching Zoella, Shaytards and Sprinkleofglitter. I am exactly the same as everyone else however I just think that maybe next time the weather is on our side enjoy it and go for a little adventure and find a peaceful spot.

It sounds like a rant aha which is far from what I intended this post to be and I know that the majority will enjoy the sunshine, but I just wanted to write down what has been floating around in my brain for a few days.

I took some photos just to show you the beautiful views and what could be in your hometown too!

Enjoy... :)

A few horses I saw whilst on my travels

I'm sure this breed was a shire horse but regardless he was so friendly. He stood there for ages letting me pet him and he was licking my hand :')

I hope you enjoyed reading this and appreciated my photos. If you step outside and walk a little in the distance you may be surprised what beautiful scenery you may find.

Monday, 23 June 2014

The Sunshine Award

Hellooo! So I have been nominated by my dear friend EMILYTHINKS for The Sunshine Award which helps followers get to know a little bit about you with 10 random facts!

The Rules

1. Display the award
2. Say "Thankyou" to the lovely person who nominated you
3. Reveal 10 interesting things about yourself
4. Nominate some of your favourite blogs
5. Link the nominated blogs and share the news with them!

1. I have a huge phobia of birds :(

2. I really dislike theme park rides

3. I have a very small family which consists of 6 people xD

4. I am currently completely a degree in Accounting and Finance and I don't even know if that's what career path I want anymore...

5. I have recently passed my driving test! :D 3rd time lucky

6. I'm trying to start a little "business" by creating handmade/sewn cards

7. I have just become a cousin again for the second time with the new addition to the family :')

8. I want a really big family when I am older like the Shaytards and I want Zeke!

9. I want to start up a Youtube channel but I feel I need to dedicate myself to blogging since I hardly post blogs anymore

10. And finally I am going to go travelling around America next year :D I cannot wait!

I hope this helped you get to know me a little better. It is actually quiet difficult to think of 10 interesting points...

Anywho I nominate:


I hope you all get round to complete it so I can read them all! :)