Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Beauty Favourites!

Helloo! :)

As we are in the summer month of August I thought I would share my beauty favourites with you, since I do find it interesting reading/watching other bloggers and finding out what products they have been obsessed with!

Before I get into revealing my top 10 products, which is going to be quite long I suggest you get a cuppa tea and a biscuit so you can sit back, relax and enjoy :D

My Top 10 Products!

My first products are the Revlon Photoready cream blushes! Since I bought the stippling brush by E.L.F as I heard that these types of brushes are amazing at applying cream blushes (a little tongue twister there for you xD) I really wanted to test it out for myself! So I went to my nearest Boots store and looked around for a selection; I noticed that cream blushes weren't that popular with makeup brands and if they happen to sell them, they were a lot smaller than expected for the price I had to pay. Until I discovered these little beauties!

Now I know they seem very bright and scary, trust me when I first saw them it took me by surprise. However they are a lovely colour when applied to the cheeks and they are great for building up colour too. They have 3 colours to choose from, obviously the two I have and then a nude colour aswell, I just didn't buy the nude one because it didn't stand out to me. At the time Boots had an offer on everything 3 for 2 so I picked these up and a third item and it worked out at a really good price. They are very long lasting, easy to apply and you get a lot of product so they will last a really long time, as a little bit goes a long way.

Next... Barry M Gelly Hi Shine nail polish. I have heard so many beauty bloggers rave on about these so I won't waffle on too much! All I will say is they are really amazing! One coat is all you need as they are very thick and opaque. I have the colours Pomegranate and Blue Grape, the third nail polish isn't a Gelly Hi Shine but it's a lovely colour so I thought I'd include it anyway as it deserved a mention and that colour is Teal. They are worth the hype and definitely go and purchase them if you haven't already. Boots usually have them on offer all the time :)

Blue Grape is my favourite :D

Rimmel Apocalips! They are another hyped up product so I will only mention these briefly too! My favourite shades are: Apocaliptic, Big Bang,Stellar and Celestial. They are very highly pigmented as you can see from the picture below and that was with one coat! They are very affordable, long lasting and glossy. Some people have said they are moisturising  however I didn't find that was the case, I need to apply a lip balm underneath before I apply it because I find them drying after a few hours. Apart from that minor issue these are amazing!

Not long now I promise xD

We now move onto the Real Technique makeup brushes. I don't know about you but I just can't seem to splash out £27 on ONE Mac foundation brush, I can imagine they are amazing and professional as they are from Mac, but I just can't seem to part with my money for one item at that price, especially when you can get high quality, long lasting brushes else where. That's when I discovered these beauts in Boots. They are made by makeup artist called Samantha Chapman, who has a beauty channel on Youtube called Pixiewoo, go and check her out she is superb! Anyway for £21 you can get 4 makeup brushes that allow you to apply makeup all over the face from lips to cheeks to face, they are definitely multitasking brushes so can be used however you want. They have Taklon bristles so they are very soft and easy to clean, and since they are synthetic so cruelty free (which is always a plus in my books) if you ever need  a new makeup brush go and buy just one if you need to and see if you love them as much as me.

I am going to quickly comment on this felt tip MUA eyeliner. For £2 it is really long lasting, even on the hottest days in the UK, which I know aren't frequent but this product lasted through those sweltering days in July! Pretty impressive I know :) It's a great cheap product and if you read my MUA review here you will already know I am a huge fan! It ticks all my boxes and is definitely worth purchasing.

Finally we are one paragraph till the end yayy!!!!

Last and by no means least, we have the Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoos. I have the shades Permanent Taupe and On and On Bronze. These are the best cream eyeshadows I have ever used, they are so easy to apply, even with my fingers, they blend like no other and they also are great as a base for powder. I find applying powdered eyeshadow over the top or in the crease really does make the eyeshadow last a very long time. I don't know about the 24hr statement that they stand by because I have never worn the makeup that long xD unless I slept in it haha. I think they are an amazing product at such a cheap price.

Yayyy!!! If you managed to get to the end :D I anticipated it was going to be quite lengthy but blumming eck I do waffle on haha. I just  wanted to give a full and honest opinion and if that means writing a post as long as a book then I hope it was worth it xD

I'd just like to add I didn't write my opinion on everything, just in case you thought I accidentally missed the eyeshadow pallette, mascara and foundation, its only because you really would be here forever!

Thanks for reading, if you have any anything to ask on any of the products shown or you disagree with my opinions comment below I would really appreciate it :)

OR if you have any makeup looks with these products feel free to show me on my new twitter :D @AFloralDelight  I would love to see how you use these products!


  1. Those Apocalips colours actually look really nice :) xxx

  2. I've wanted to try the maybelline colour tattoos for a while now, and you have most definitely persuaded me to invest in them asap!
    Lovely blog! :)