Monday, 12 August 2013

Nail Art Tutorial

Hello! :D

To mix things up a bit I thought I would do a nail art tutorial, now I am not the best at this at all, but like the majority of people I think it's just trial and error and copying from a picture xD

I really like having floral nails because I have noticed a lot of people comment and compliment them which is always nice :)

These are the colour nail polishes I used. To create this look you can vary the shades based on your personal preferences :)

The first thing I did was paint my nails with the duck egg blue. It doesn't have to be perfect as you can remove the mistakes at the end :)

Wait for them to dry and then apply little white dots on every finger apart from the accent nail :)

After they have dried blob a dot of pink polish to the accent nail, put as as many as you like, and this will be the base of the flower :)

Then to make the pink dots into flowers, apply the darker pink nail polish around the blobs, it doesn't have to be neat, I think wiggly edges look better to be honest. Now just make little green blobs at the edges of the flower for leaves. You can use one shade of green if you like I just prefer the two toned effect. 

 And this is the finished look :D I like to put a top coat on just so it doesn't chip as easily and I think it makes the overall look appear smoother and it vanishes tiny mistakes, as silly as at may sound.

I hoped you like this tutorial, I think it is really easy and the more you practice the better it will look :) Just to add you don't need those art nail bottle to create the little details, you could use a cocktail stick!

Thanks for reading this post, if you do try it out I would love to see your final result feel free to send your pictures on my Twitter @AFloralDelight :D

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  1. love it soo much and love your blog
    hope you can check mine and tell me what you think
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