Monday, 21 January 2013

The World Of Soap And Glory

I am a huge fan of unique and eye-catching products so Soap and Glory ticks all my boxes. I just love the way they use vintage photos on their packaging and all the fancy writing too! 

So here's how I became a Soap and Glory fan... I was introduced to Soap and Glory products around the time of my birthday my Grandma and Grandad bought me the "Birthday Box"so I was very excited as I had never owned a single bottle of Clean on Me or the Smoothie Star, which I absolutely love the smell of by the way. 

So as I were saying I had received this "Birthday Box" which then escalated into me basically owning my own Soap And Glory store. I just can't help myself every time I see something new by them I have to either buy it or just take a sniff of it because I can assure you they always smell pretty divine. These are a few products I own...

    Now Sugar Crush is definitely without a doubt my favourite, It smells so bluming good. I'd say it smells like a sugary lime. Now I know that's what it says on the tub, but there is nothing that smells quite like that, which is what I love about it. When applied you can tell it works well because you can feel the macadamia grains working their magic as your skin feels so soft afterwards. So for £8 it's definitely worth the money.

  Following closely behind is the Smoothie Star
 Now this body moisturiser reminds me of the smell of popcorn, it's such a sweet vanilla fragrance and the smell lasts a long time which is a bonus. This has a very thick consistency but I personally prefer a moisturiser  like this because I find a small amount goes along way.

I cannot recommend Soap and Glory highly enough. The packaging is super girly and is bursting with humorous sentences all over the bottles. 
It is definitely worth a purchase as it hasn't let me down yet!

So Soap and Glory has a big thumbs up from me!


  1. Soap & Glory is so good. Love Righteous Butter! I only just started using MUA eyeshadows, been going to Superdrug a lot to get a few more so when I find any nice combinations I'll post them. :) And I prefer to apply them with my fingers, seems to stay longer that way but I guess that all depends on the brand and type of eyeshadow x

  2. Thanks for following me by the way :) and yeah I agree I find it a lot easier to apply that eye shadow with my finger. I can't believe they are only £1! x

  3. love Soap and Glory products and Sugar Crush is also my favourite! <3

  4. It's lovely isn't it :D I really like the Clean On Me aswell, if you use a puffy sponge (I don't know there official name xD) it becomes really bubbly it's amazing!

  5. My favourite Soap And Glory product is the Hand Maid Antibacterial Hand Gel, it smells of grapefruit and is perfect for popping in your handbag :) I'm intrigued to try their new Sugar Crush range xx

  6. Ooo I should buy that antibacterial gel :) and yes you should buy the sugar crush body scrub it's great xxx