Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A Little Bit About Me And My Life....

A Little Bit About Me And My Life.... 

Well... what can I say I am a student studying for a degree in the city center of Manchester, living away from home, scrimping and scraping on bits of cash here and there trying to learn how to become an "adult"
That's enough about education for now.

Now as for my home life I live in a little house with my Mum and my 3 little rascal doggies named Max, Lola and Lucy. Obviously, as all animal lovers do, I have unique nicknames for them which I won't be sharing as I don't wish embarrass myself to you all

These are the little rascals : D

As for my "love life" it is near enough non existent I don't know what happened but I am no where near blessed with the naturally flirty attitude to attract the attention of opposite sex... sadly.
Maybe I will learn eventually and find myself a guy who is a combination of Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds and Gerard Butler (an oldy but still a hotty)

That will be all for now I will keep you all updated on my life if anyone or anything spontaneously pops up :)

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